Maricela A. Ramos, CFP


For 30 years, Marcy has been a consultative wealth manager to individuals and their families, earning top advisor status in Palm Beach County, Florida for many of the several years while employed at JP Morgan Chase.

By virtue of the responsibilities entrusted to her over the span of her successful career, along with her extensive knowledge in trust and estate planning, Marcy has attained a unique perspective on opportunities and trends in the wealth management industry that benefit her clients. With a deep desire to provide the most thoughtful and objective advice without having to make compromises, she founded MAR Wealth Management Services, LLC. The business provides the ultimate platform that allows her to maximize her experiences in wealth management through strategic flexibility and profound efficiency.

Christian Ramos

Vice President

Since MAR Wealth Management’s inception in 2012, Christian has been involved in the management of all aspects of the firm’s operations. Currently, as MAR Wealth Management’s co-owner and vice president, he is focused on the firm’s investment strategies and regulatory compliance. Dedicated to the success of all MAR Wealth Management’s clients, he identifies each client’s evolving goals & needs, and provides clear, comprehensive financial advice that is in the client’s best interest. He is proud to be a fiduciary, and, through rigorous education, solid experience, and an unwavering commitment, he endeavors to improve every client’s financial security. Christian is a proud recipient of University of Southern California’s B.S. of Business Administration. His attention to detail, good listening skills, and great empathy are symbols of his appreciation by MAR Wealth Management’s clients.